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The Center for Workforce Health (CWH) is the innovative leader in ONLINE health and wellness programs for the workplace. For the past decade our award-winning health scientists and technology specialists have been creating engaging, computer-based programs - all rigorously tested in workplaces through more than $15 million from the National Institutes of Health. Many of these programs also feature mobile components accessible through smartphones and tablets.

Our programs span a wide range of health topics and have been used by scores of organizations throughout the U.S. And because we rigorously test all of our programs, they all carry scientifically generated evidence of effectiveness.



We are currently living in uncertain times with the Covid-19 pandemic. We are seeing major disruptions in worksites across the U.S. and in some cases we are seeing mass closures. Covid-19 is directly affecting the health of the workforce. And as we continue to navigate these tough times, we will begin to see indirect effects on the overall health of the workforce across the U.S.

If we look at the various dimensions of health, it is not implausible to think that the overall health of individuals is currently being affected across various dimensions. Individuals may be experiencing more stress, which could be leading to unhealthy coping habits. There is a lack of resources such as gyms or group exercise studios in which many individuals use to maintain their regular physical activity routine. There may be limitations on healthful foods or a lack of resources to access healthful foods during this time. These along with many other factors can negatively affect the health of the workforce, and, thus, it is vital now more than ever to promote healthful habits.

Here are the Center for Workforce Health we are aware of the current climate and want to support worksites during these difficult times. We will be discussing many health topics and posting strategies and tips for health maintenance across the next few months. Please see our Blog page for further information. Stay Healthy!

Covid-19 Resources:

How to Protect Yourself & Others, please see this resource from the CDC.

Getting your Workplace Ready for Covid-19 please see this resource from WHO.  

Further guidance on Covid-19 can be found at WHO and CDC.

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  • Covid-19 Resources

    The Covid-19 pandemic is directly affecting the health of the U.S. workforce. And as we continue to navigate these tough times, we will begin to see indirect effects on the overall health of the workforce across our nation. The CWH is here to support worksites across the nation with the resources and tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle during these difficult times.

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