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  • Welcome!

    Welcome to the Center for Workforce Health Blog! This Blog is a compilation of informal writings on innovations and progress from the world of preventive medicine, trending health news, tips to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and updates on our CWH programs. Lead author is Dr. Debra Rios, Research Scientist with the CWH, followed by additional guest contributors.

  • Regaining Your Health After Living through a Pandemic

    Over the past year, some of us have developed unhealthy habits as a way to cope with the stress of living through a pandemic. Simple strategies can be incorporated into your daily routine to help you regain your health.

  • How to Stay Active during the Pandemic

    Engaging in regular physical activity during a pandemic can be a challenge when you do not have access to local gyms or group exercise studios. However, there are many creative ways to engage in physical activity in your home and outdoors.

  • 3 Small Ways to Manage Your Stress During a Pandemic

    Stress is a normal part of daily life; however, you may be experiencing more stress than usual during the Covid-19 pandemic. Unmanaged stress can lead to poor health outcomes, thus, it is vital to find ways to effectively manage your stress during these stressful times.

  • Covid-19 Resources

    The Covid-19 pandemic is directly affecting the health of the U.S. workforce. And as we continue to navigate these tough times, we will begin to see indirect effects on the overall health of the workforce across our nation. The CWH is here to support worksites across the nation with the resources and tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle during these difficult times.

  • Why Setting Aside Your Smartphone at Night Can Improve Your Health

    In the new digital age, we have become inundated by electronic screens. While advancements in technology have increased efficiency in various aspects of our lives, the constant staring at blue light emitting devices may have certain health consequences.

  • What is all the Buzz About Going Alcohol-Free?

    We have learned from research that excessive drinking can cause a myriad of short-term and long-term health risks. Is abstaining from alcohol use the only way to live a healthy lifestyle?

  • Embrace Behavioral Strategies to Improve Your Health

    Forget the gimmicks and quick fixes.  The surest path to sustained health improvements is to embrace proven behavioral strategies

  • Red Meat Confirmed as Carcinogenic – But How Bad is it?

    A report from the World Health Organization confirmed the link between eating red meat (and processed meat) and cancer.  The report is based on an important, very comprehensive study, but interpretation of the results is not simple or straightforward. 

  • The Blue Zones

    “Blue Zones” refers to specific areas of the world where people live measurably longer lives. A closer inspection of these locations and the health practices of people who live there can provide valuable guidance in how to improve our health and live longer.

  • Powerful Forces Undermining our Health

    In our attempts to improve our health -- prevent disease, feel better, live longer -- we need to recognize that there are powerful, unrelenting forces arrayed against us, from our basic physiology to an environment structured to undermine our best intentions.