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Improving the Health and Productivity of Today's Workforce

Outcome Studies

The CWH health scientists publish evaluations of our online programs in leading scientific journals. Click on the links below for a sample of these articles.

Health Connection: Diet, Exercise and Stress Management
A Field Test of a Web-Based Workplace Health Promotion Program to Improve Dietary Practices, Reduce Stress, and Increase Physical Activity: Randomized Controlled Trial. Authors: Cook, Billings, Hersch, Back & Hendrickson. Published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, V.9, 2007.

Stress and Mood Management
A Web-Based Approach to Managing Stress and Mood Disorders in the Workforce. Authors: Billings, Cook, Hendrickson & Dove. Published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, V.9, 2008.

Youth Mental Health: A Parents' Guide
A Web-Based Mental Health Program: Reaching Parents at Work. Authors: Deitz, Cook, Billings & Hendrickson. Published in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology, October , 2008.

Smart Rx: Your Prescription for Good Health
Preventing Prescription Drug Misuse: Field Test of the SmartRx Web Program. Authors: Deitz, Cook & Hendrickson. Published in Substance Use and Misuse, V46, 2011.

Life Steps: Improving Medication Adherence
Test of a Web-Based Program to Improve Adherence to HIV Medications. Authors: Hersch, Cook, Billings, Kaplan, Murray, Safren, Goforth & Spencer. Published in AIDS and Behavior, June, 2013.

HealthyPast50: Health Promotion for Older Workers
Web-Based Health Promotion for Older Workers. Author: Royer Cook. Published in International Innovations, July, 2013.

Heart Healthy: Reducing Cardiovascular Risk
Heart Healthy Online: An Innovative Approach to Risk Reduction in the Workplace. Authors: Deitz, Cook & Hersch. Published in Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2014.

Prevention Connection: Integrating Substance Abuse Prevention into Health Promotion
A Field Test of a Web-Based Substance Abuse Prevention Training Program for Health Promotion Professionals. Authors: McPherson, Cook, Hersch, Back & Hendrickson. Published in the American Journal of Health Promotion, 2006.

Other outcome studies
Selected additional publications and presentations by the CWH health scientists are listed below.

Cook, R.F. (2013) Well Constructed Online Programs Can Improve Health: Results from Six Randomized Trials. Presented at the European Congress of Psychology. Stockholm, Sweden.

Billings, D. (2010) An E-Health Relapse Prevention Program for the Workplace. Final Report submitted to National Institute on Drug Abuse, Bethesda, MD.

Cook, R.F., Billings, D. & Hendrickson, A. (2006). Adherence in Internet interventions aimed at diet, exercise, stress and mood. Presented at 11th World Congress on Internet in Medicine, Toronto, Canada.

Deitz, D., Cook, R., & Hersch, R. (2005). Workplace health promotion and utilization of health services: follow-up data findings. The Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research, 32(3), 306-319.

Cook, R. F., Back, A. & Trudeau, J. (1996). Preventing alcohol use problems among blue-collar workers: A field test of the Working People program. Substance Use and Misuse, 31(3), 255-275.

For copies of these articles, please contact Dr. Rebekah Hersch at CWH.