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Going Forward


This online program is designed for people who have been through treatment for substance abuse to help prevent them from relapsing. Going Forward is a relapse prevention program based on an in-person cognitive-behavioral treatment program developed by Kathleen Carroll at Yale. The program features multiple interactive skill-building exercises and an on-screen counselor who guides the user through an eight-step program. 


Going Forward is a highly interactive relapse prevention program for use by people who have been treated for alcohol or drug misuse. This program employs an on-screen “counselor” who takes the user through eight sequential modules, including segments on the importance of staying drug-free, coping with craving, how to say no, creating an all-purpose plan, and what to do if you slip. Although designed as a relapse prevention program for people who have already been through substance abuse treatment, it can also be used as an aid to anyone seeking abstinence from drugs and alcohol, as it was based on an in-person treatment program.


Going Forward was tested in a randomized trial with members covered by United Healthcare, demonstrating effects on substance use relapse. See Outcome Studies for more information about the study. 

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