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Healthy Past 50


People 50 years of age and older are at higher risk for major diseases than their younger counterparts. Yet it has been shown that when workers in midlife reduce their modifiable health risks, they can forestall disability and increase the likelihood of a healthful, enjoyable life in their later years, while also contributing to a possible reduction in health care costs. HealthyPast50 is an online health promotion program designed to provide older workers (50 and over) with effective tools that can help them improve their health practices and reduce their risk of major disease.


HealthyPast50 is an online multi-media program containing information and guidance on the major health promotion topics of healthy aging, diet and nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and tobacco use. In addition, a central module of the program contains assessments across the major health topics, providing recommendations on particular segments of HealthyPast50 that users should visit based on the results of the assessments. All modules of the program contain ample graphics, audio and video, many of which are congruent with health behavior change theory and principles, e.g., providing opportunities for observational learning, building self-efficacy, and self-tailoring of content and sequence.


A randomized trial conducted at EMC, a global information technology company, found significant positive effects of HealthyPast50 on several health outcomes, including multiple measures of exercise and dietary practices. See Outcome Studies for information on the article published in International Innovations.

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