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Prevention Connection


Research has shown imbedding substance abuse information within a general health promotion program enhances the reach and impact of workplace substance abuse prevention. The online Prevention Connection program contains comprehensive information on substance abuse prevention, with specific guidance on how health promotion practitioners can integrate substance abuse prevention material into a health promotion program.


Although the avoidance of substance abuse is an important component of a healthy, productive life, workplace health promotion programs frequently neglect to include substance abuse prevention material. Prevention Connection is a highly interactive, self-paced program designed to help health promotion practitioners integrate substance abuse into their health promotion offerings, thereby skirting the stigma that often attaches to the substance abuse topic and exposing the mainstream of the workforce to effective substance abuse prevention material. The central module of the program presents the health promotion professional with the materials and methods needed to incorporate substance abuse prevention messages into four types of popular health promotion programs: stress management, health eating, physical activity, and parenting.


In the randomized trial conducted with 192 health promotion practitioners, compared to the control group that received print-based information, the users of the Prevention Connection gave the program higher evaluation ratings across several dimensions (such as engaging, user-friendly, etc.), and felt significantly more confident in their ability to conduct effective substance abuse prevention. See Outcome Studies for information on the article published in the American Journal of Health Promotion.

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