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Smart RX


As medications are increasingly prescribed for a wide range of conditions, consumers need to be able to make smart decisions about prescription medications and learn how to avoid the dangers of medication misuse. Smart Rx is a multimedia web-based program designed specifically to provide users with the knowledge and skills needed to make smart choices with regard to their health. The users become active participants in their medical care so that they can make medication decisions that are right for their personal well being. 


The fully narrated Smart Rx program is divided into multiple sections that allow users to tailor the program to their own needs and progress through at their own pace. The program includes a self-assessment that asks about the current level of prescription drug use as well as topics of interest. Responses to the self assessment help tailor the program to the user’s individual needs. The Medication Facts section provides detailed information on a wide range of prescription drugs. In addition to medical information, Smart Rx includes non-drug strategies, such as relaxation therapy, biofeedback, exercise, and alternative therapies that can help the user avoid dependence on medications. Finally, the program includes links to other online resources as well as an electronic forum to allow users to interact with each other and share their ideas and experiences.


The randomized trial conducted at Ohio Valley Hospital demonstrated significant effects on users’ knowledge of medication facts and confidence in their ability to manage medications. See Outcome Studies for information on the article published in the Journal of Substance Use and Misuse.

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