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Youth Mental Health: A Parents' Guide


Youth Mental Health: A Parents' Guide presents information on children’s emotional and mental health with a primary focus on childhood and adolescent depression and anxiety. The program is fully narrated and includes skill-building exercises and assessments to provide parents with knowledge and skills to understand mental health issues. The program includes testimonials from parents and youth that have successfully addressed issues of youth anxiety and depression. 


Parents concerned about a mental health problem in their child are often overwhelmed and uncertain about where and how to get more information. In the Youth Mental Health program, the narrator guides the parent through the easy to use program so that they can get the precise information they need. Parents will learn about the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety as well as the different types of these mental health problems. The program contains the following segments:

  • Interactive text and graphics to provide specific information about social, emotional, and biochemical aspects of anxiety and depression.
  • The different faces of anxiety and depression and video taped interviews with parents and kids who have had to tackle these illnesses.
  • Detailed information about different treatment options including where to start, how to find the right mental health professional, evaluations and assessments, and information on medications and psychotherapy.
  • Strategies for parents on taking care of themselves as well as their children. 

The randomized trial conducted at Fairchild Industries found significant positive improvements in parents’ knowledge of children’s mental health issues and their confidence in addressing these issues. See Outcome Studies for information on the article published in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology.

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