Center for Workforce Health

Improving the Health and Productivity of Today's Workforce

Who We Are

The Center for Workforce Health (CWH) is dedicated to helping organizations improve the health and productivity of their employees, primarily through the use of tested, engaging online programs. CWH is the “action arm” of the ISA Group, established to provide products and consulting services to business and industry. The ISA Group was founded in 1978 by Dr. Royer F. Cook, who continues as the President of ISA and Director of the Center for Workforce Health.

The staff of CWH is comprised of health scientists, health promotion specialists, and information technology experts, all with years of experience in the development and implementation of online workplace health promotion programs. During the past 20 years, CWH has specialized in the development and implementation of workforce health improvement programs and strategies for scores of organizations. We have also been conducting rigorous research on these programs, supported by numerous grants from the National Institutes of Health. In the last several years, we have been increasingly focused on combining sophisticated methods of behavior change with cutting-edge information technologies, culminating in advanced multimedia Internet-based approaches. We view the Internet-based technologies as especially promising vehicles for providing the workforce with a wide variety of health promotion programs that are individualized and highly interactive, freed from the usual constraints of time and space required by the traditional seminar-based approaches.

Principal Staff

Royer F. Cook, Ph.D.

Dr. Royer Cook has over thirty years of senior experience in the design and direction of health promotion and disease prevention/management programs for the workplace. He has designed, implemented and evaluated workplace programs in the areas of stress management, substance abuse prevention, weight management and nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation and healthy aging. His work has focused on the development of online programs that combine the latest advances in information technology with the central principles of health behavior change, as exemplified by the CWH web-based programs. Dr. Cook has developed and tested innovative health promotion programs for several Fortune 500 companies and has been the recipient of numerous grants from NIH. He is the author of more than 75 publications and a frequent presenter at conferences here and abroad. 

Diane Deitz, Ph.D.
Senior Health Scientist

Dr. Deitz is a health psychologist and a registered nurse with two decades of experience in the areas of cardiovascular health, substance abuse prevention, and worksite stress. Dr. Deitz was responsible for developing and implementing a multi-tiered health promotion program at GMAC, and conducted an analysis of prescription drug costs and utilization for Partners National Health Plans. She has been the principal developer of three major CWH online programs—Youth Mental Health, a program to assist working parents in addressing their children's mental health problems, Smart Rx, a guide to safe use of psychoactive prescription drugs, and Heart Healthy, a program designed to reduce risk of cardiovascular disease.

Douglas W. Billings, Ph.D.
Senior Health Scientist

Dr. Billings joined ISA in 2003. Dr. Billings is a clinical psychologist specializing in the application of cognitive-behavioral models of stress and coping to a variety of health topics including relapse prevention and HIV/AIDS. Dr. Billings was the principal developer of multiple CWH online programs. He created the Stress and Mood Management program, and conducted a randomized trial of the program at America Online. He was the chief architect of Going Forward, an online relapse prevention program that was tested at United Healthcare, and he has led the development of several online programs directed at HIV/AIDS prevention.

Samantha Leaf, Ph.D.
Senior Health Scientist

Dr. Samantha Leaf joined CWH in 2008. Dr. Leaf is a health psychologist specializing in health beliefs and their effects on positive health behavior change. Since joining CWH, Dr. Leaf has worked on the development of Going Forward, an online relapse prevention program, and HealthyPast50, an online health promotion program for older workers. She is now involved in multiple projects aimed at the development of HIV prevention. 

Debra Rios
Debra Rios, DrPH
Health Scientist

Dr. Debra Rios joined CWH in 2017. Dr. Rios received her Doctor of Public Health from the University of Texas, specializing in Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences. A Certified Health Education Specialist, she was formerly a Research Assistant at the National Association of County and City Health Officials. Dr. Rios is the senior developer of the Taking Charge program, a smartphone-based health promotion program.