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  • Welcome!

    This Blog is intended as a series of informal communications and updates from me - Royer Cook, Director of the Center for Workforce Health.  I plan to post  a variety of brief essays, information on the perspectives and principles underlying our programs, updates from the world of preventive medicine, reactions to health events in the news, and tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Click on the Title to read the full blog.

  • Red meat confirmed as carcinogenic – but how bad is it?

    A report from the World Health Organization confirmed the link between eating red meat (and processed meat) and cancer.  The report is based on an important, very comprehensive study, but interpretation of the results is not simple or straightforward.  


  • The Blue Zones

    “Blue Zones” refers to specific areas of the world where people live measurably longer lives. A closer inspection of these locations and the health practices of people who live there can provide valuable guidance in how to improve our health and live longer.

  • Powerful Forces Undermining our Health

    In our attempts to improve our health -- prevent disease, feel better, live longer -- we need to recognize that there are powerful, unrelenting forces arrayed against us, from our basic physiology to an environment structured to undermine our best intentions.

  • Embrace Behavioral Strategies to Improve Your Health

    Forget the gimmicks and quick fixes.  The surest path to sustained health improvements is to embrace proven behavioral strategies