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Active Lifestyle


Regular physical activity contributes significantly to managing weight, building fitness and energy, and preventing illness and disease. The multimedia Active Lifestyle program contains comprehensive information on the benefits of physical activity, and provides realistic strategies for achieving lasting improvements in physical activity, with special strategies for those who are currently inactive.


Active Lifestyle is designed to help users get on the path toward increased activity and better health. Active Lifestyle uses testimonials from people who have made positive changes in their life as well as interactive tools on energy expenditure, calories, and weight, making the program an enjoyable and meaningful experience. The program contains the following sections:

  • Information on the relationship between fitness and disease prevention.
  • Motivational segments with “real people” discussing the rewards of regular exercise and offering tips for overcoming obstacles and preventing relapse.
  • An interactive exercise showing the relationship between calories expended, calories consumed and weight.
  • Guidelines for staged goal-setting and selecting appropriate activities.

The Active Lifestyle program can be used alone or purchased as part of the Health Connection suite of programs that also includes Food Smart and Stress Management.


The NIH-supported randomized trial conducted at Ceridian Corporation demonstrated effects on multiple health outcomes. See Outcome Studies for information on the article published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

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